Candid Samples

From consumer opinions to data insights business solution’s


Quantitative Research

Process of collecting and analysing numerical data to find patterns, causal relationship and make predictions. we provide authentic, double opt in profiled respondents to fill your pre-designed online surveys to make prediction and create strategies about your products and services.


Qualitative Research

We offer research methodologies that focus on collecting behavioural and in-depth responses through open end questions and comprehensive discussions, like: Diary, IHUT and Focus Group to provide inclusive insights correlated to your products and services to answers why, when, how etc.


Sample Collection and Project Management

We offer end-to-end project management for our clients where we have dedicated, proactive and hardworking experts’ team to manage your needs 24*7, that includes testing, making live, managing the projects infield progress and follow-ups if any after completion.


Translation Services

We do offer translation services as well to run survey in local languages with localizations at very competitive pricing if required. Translation service enables effective communication for two parties to communicate, collect opinions in local languages to understand the customer point of view pertaining to products and services.


Programing and Hosting

We have expert programmers to handle programming and hosting of your surveys. It includes questionnaire design, coding, identifying any bug before launching, ease to access with all devices from mobiles to desktops and to make the survey eye catching and increase your survey efficiency.


Data Tabulation

We provides data reports in systematic and logical format within rows and columns to simplifies comparison by bringing related data close to each other and helps to execute statistical analysis and generate insights. we provide real time data cleaning and in-field reporting of data collections that’s gives you more control on data.